“My dear have you heard! _Hmmmm this life eh so with all the holy holy her slippers still cut._

“What on earth are you talking about” and _who get slippers wey cut?_  I interrupted Jessy who was already dancing like the news of the downfall of the person will automatically raise her up.

“Mary na, our own very holy holy sister Mary _don get belle, chai!_ I never knew that girl was also eating the forbidden fruit, but I thought she and her fiance are Christians and also ambassador of purity. I can’t believe Bro Joseph will defile the bed against his own preaching.

“Bro Joseph didn’t do anything wrong” Anita cut in, “as a matter of fact bro Joseph hasn’t even seen the promise land not to even talk of entering it”

” Ha  sis. Amaka _wait o,_ are you saying that she cheated on bro Joe?? Jessy asked inquisitively.


“Sis Jessy! me, I can’t say, but you know bro Joe is very close to bro Mike the youth secretary, it was bro Mike that told me, I also heard, that bro Joe is planning on calling off the marriage” Amaka said looking to see If any one was eavesdropping.

” _Chai na wa o_ .  This is a serious matter sisters, I think we need to raise a prayer alter for them, it not like we are gossiping but this is a great concern in my heart, but anyways we are praying for them and am sure God will do it” Jessy added trying to show concerned. “But wait o, for a while now I haven’t seen sister Mary. Where is sister Mary??


“Hmmmmm sis Jessy, what do you expect, she must have gone to hide herself somewhere.  _If na you nkor”_ Amaka said.

“Common ladies this is not good at all, I said, you are not  supposed to be happy for the downfall of another.  As a matter of fact both of you lack knowledge and had refused to give yourselves to study that’s why you are here talking like babe. Haven’t you read in the old book how The ALMIGHTY will pass through a woman who is pure in heart and soul, just to come redeem us back to him?  For your Mary had found favour in the eyes of God and she shall be called a blessing till the end of the world,  generations to generations will worship and acknowledge her. And for Bro Joe, he got a message from the great messenger Gabriel not to call off the marriage for that pregnancy will bring great blessings to him and the entire world”


Look at you ladies you think that sis Mary has gone to hide?, No she didn’t hide, she traveled to visit her cousin on the other side of the country who is also miraculously pregnant for a son too.

Instead of you ladies to continue with this your religious gossip, why not thank God for finding a woman like you worthy to fulfill his promises.  For choosing a woman as a channel to bring redemption to the world.

The king is born
We are redeemed
We are free from bondage
We now have access to the throne room freely.

© Success Ateshi