Funny Nigeria jokes


present funny Nigeria jokes to make you happy this December.

Funny Nigeria jokes

1. Do ladies also do hit and run? am just asking because Amina is not picking my calls*?☹️??

2. My dear sister deep down that guy want to inbox u but ur profile pic looks like “please can you do me a favour”??

3. Ladies tears are the most expensive liquid we have on this earth because it is made up of 66%of water and 200%of makeup.

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4. Online: i wanna make Mama proud

Offline: i go soon pack leave this house for una

5. Don’t pay for a girl school fees hoping to marry her in the future. If you don’t have what to do with money, then feed the poor???

6. Depression is killing me? someone should pls talk to me before I drink Hollandia yogurt and Sleep ???.

7. I finally slept with the Lady I like from my class….when I saw her sleeping during the lecture,I slept too….
Feeling happy….????

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8. If you have attended over 100 weddings and you are stillsingle. Sister, you are no longer different from a

9. When you run out of words while talking to your crush and you will be like so what kind of Air do u breathe???

10.Pregnant woman at midnight?: “ehhh, hmm, ahhhh”

Husband: “What’s it darling?”?‍♂?‍♂

Wife: “Our baby? wants to read your WhatsApp messages”?‍♂?‍♂?‍♂???


11.When the relationship is still new
Her: baby I saw you inside keke
Him: wow I saw you more baby??????

12. The only two people who can eat a woman’s money freely is a pastor & a witch-doctor.

13. You want forehead kisses
But your weavon is smelling like conductor armpit.

14. Your mum thinks you stopped sucking Breast at Age 2. Should I tell her what is happening Now?
My mouth is shaking to gossip.