He walked up his very busy neighborhood,as the infectious aura of hung high in air,he had saved a life yet again, being a doctor that’s all that is expected,but who would save him from dying deep into his sorrow as he was all alone as usual. As he walked by,he started to think about all the good memories he had on Christmas day, hot tears streamed down his black cheeks as he remembered each year as he grew up and his family slowly grew apart until they barely even talk anymore even when the do they’d always and argue.

His body shivered from the cold weather as he wrapped his leather jacket around his big frame,as he passed various shops and gatherings ,he saw different joyful people who had no worries as they danced into the sweet Melody of praise and worship songs, even beggars were beyond happy as their Happy eyes danced in awe for they’ve made it through to another year.

However ,Dare preferred to let his attention get lost in something or perhaps someone else he watches that someone as she sang along christmas songs and shared various gifts to the beggars across the street. Dare was in awe as he closely admired the beautiful soul from beyond,her jet black hair fell in beautiful curls across her face, defiant strands covering her beautiful fair skin,she carried a little girl in her arms as she tossed her head in laughter at something the little girl did,he watched her beautiful slender body with the perfect curves in all the right places,he watched as her hazel eyes sparkle with pure joy, like luscious waves of caramel.


She’s a sight to see,” isn’t she” ?,the voice snapped him out of his thoughts he turned to see an old man in his late 70s, yes she is indeed really beautiful , he said smiling.” Go to her then, what are you waiting for staring like a lazy blue cloud. the old man said as he chuckled.

You think so? He asked sounding a little nervous, “but of course now is the best time the man said “.Dare’s steps were steady as he evenly paced along the floor graciously in long strides to meet her,he grabbed a cappuccino from a small demon boy ,and he smiled at him saying thank you.


His heart beat faster and faster as he got close ,as he soon found himself by the ledge where the girl was,but she had not noticed him yet . Tomi ,he acknowledged her presence quietly, Tomi turned,as he her hazel eyes landed on him Dare she said with the same quietness,and a small smile lit up over her face.

Dare awkwardly gave her the cup that he had gotten from the little demon boy as the sweet smell of cappuccino tickled his nose,Tomi accepted the drink as she murmured a low thank you along with a small smile,she took a sip and when she removed her lips from the cup , his eyes suddenly caught something that wasn’t there before,a small chuck of whipped cream right below her lip” y- you have something on your lips”he stammered softly ,”oh where ” she asked trying to find it.


Dare leaned in as he gently stroked her bottom lip with his finger to brush the cream away, with that little ,the world seemed to have disappeared, everything went silent it was as if this moment was made for he and her alone suddenly his cheeks began to turn red like a tomato,he silently hoped Tomi doesn’t notice his little blush.

Tomi smiled as she grabbed his face,and pulled his face down to meet hers, he stared straight into her hazel eyes lost in the ocean of caramel waves ,as he got closer and closer she closed her eyes and now their faces were only Inches away from each other, with one last push from his hands there lips collided passionately ,moving gently in sync and soft uncertainty, fire works filled the wide sky.

Tomi pulled away first,as her eyes opened again to reveal her hazel eyes,it was then Dare realised that happiness is undoubtedly found in the strangest manner.
Merry Christmas everyone he yelled as they all cheered happily.

The End


@Babalola Arafat